Journey Forward On Line

Cancer Survivors Need Resources During Especially these Unsettling Times




  A three-week online series

Gain tools to move from simply surviving to thriving by discovering new resources for these challenging times.  Learn how to manage unpredictability of cancer survivorship, discover critical coping skills, make and sustain life affirming choices and develop daily healing practices





A four-week online series

An interactive experience of self-discovery for women who have completed cancer treatment addressing these questions: Who am I now that I am a cancer survivor? What do I want out of life? What will my "new normal" be when the Caronavirus pandemic has ended? How can I move forward to create the life I want now?  You’ll also develop a strong, supportive, survivor network in this series.



Our Mission

To guide survivors to embrace vibrant, new paths for living life with authenticity, fulfillment, meaning and joy thus enhancing quality of life

During the online retreat survivors

  • Reconnect with your highest and best self
  • Gain tools to proactively and confidently design, energize and navigate your lives
  • Discover choices that lead to happier, more balanced woman you’ve been longing to be
  • Uncover a deeper sense of who you are and what you want out of life
  • Learn ways to live more fully and connected to what matters most
  • Create a written action plan to real


Our Promise to Survivors

You will leave this retreat with the courage, clarity and 

inspiration to live the life you’ve imagined

Serves Survivors Who

  • Seek to energize, rejuvenate and renew their life
  • Recognize and accept that their cancer experience is life changing
  • Are unsure about how to move forward to create the life they want
  • Are still influenced by the negative experiences of the cancer journey
  • Feel stuck and seeking clarity and inspiration in life
  • May be faced with a completely different view of themselves and here.