Retreat Outcomes & Survivor Comments

Becoming inspired and hopeful about the future

  •  “The retreat feels like a benchmark for me. Instead of internalizing and feeling bad about myself, I now can use these tools to start fresh. I have hope. Even for the things I thought I had no control over. I found out there are ways to have control.”
  •  “I didn’t know what to do next. I am now refocused and re-invigorated. The retreat has taken the “fog” away- I now remember the whole picture and the pieces that contribute to my well-being.
  •  “I found purpose and direction for my life again. I now see that there is hope and a new future for me.”
  • “I was angry at cancer. The retreat helped me to figure out that I have a great life and there was no need to display anger toward people. I now have friends that I travel with and I volunteer for cancer groups activities.”

Gaining tools to proactively and confidently create and manage your post-cancer life

  • “My values and priorities changed so much after breast cancer. The retreat helped me reflect all those changes in a practical step by step action plan.”
  • “I had the realization that I could put things in my life into actions instead of just wishes and dreams. I feel more centered, grounded and aware because of my action plan.”
  • “I now have a better understanding and clarity about my personal strengths and the priorities in my personal life

Reconnecting with the strong, happy person left behind during the cancer journey

  • “I realized that I was angry at life because of cancer. During the retreat that anger was released.”
  • “Before the retreat, I was resentful of everything, including my family and myself. I just wanted to be left alone, and I wanted that piece of what I thought everyone else had, though I didn’t quite know exactly what that was. I now enjoy being around others. I joined the gym and returned to school. In short, I’m doing things that I had given up on.”
  • “Working with Kay gave me the ability to dig down and find the me I had lost since cancer. I have a stronger sense of self now. I didn’t lose her, she’s better.”

Regaining self-confidence

  • “Cancer beat me down, made me helpless and vulnerable. This retreat helped me focus on the future and helped me recognize I do have value even though there’s a new normal in my life.”
  • “I had lost my self-confidence and this helped me find it again. I now have increased confidence to go after my goals”
  • “I gained tools to build confidence in myself and my choices and to continue on to be the person I want to be.”