“Cancer beat me down, made me helpless and vulnerable. I'm now focused on the future and recognize I do have value."

"I developed the ability to dig down and find the me I had lost."

"During the retreat, I developed lifelong friendships."

"Now I can put my life into actions instead of just  

wishes and dreams."

The breast cancer story doesn't end when treatment does

Post-treatment life is filled with unexpected challenges and changes. Many survivors are at a loss for what’s next in life and faced with a completely different view of themselves, searching for their “new normal." 

Others continue to try to make sense of their journey and it's meaning in their life long after treatment 

has ended.

That’s where we come in.

Our JOURNEY FORWARD retreats and workshops are interactive experiences of self-discovery for women who have completed 

cancer treatment.


In our time-tested program, our experts offer realistic guidance, practical tools and nurturing support to move beyond simply surviving to creating a vibrant thriving future.

Our Results

An ongoing study at a Denver area cancer center, indicates that 100% of 

those attending our programs had a significant  increase quality of life 

and spiritual well-being.